Building a Quality Mentoring Program training can benefit all mentoring programs

By Nate Baum, manager of training and technical assistance

Mass Mentoring’s training and technical assistance team is excited to close out March with our two-day intensive Building a Quality Mentoring Program workshop on March 26 and March 27.

Now, you may say to yourself, “hold on, two days! I don’t know if I can devote that much time to this.” That is an understandable sentiment considering how busy we all are at our organizations. What I’ll say is that the two days you spend at this training might more than pay for itself in time saved later on when you can more confidently operate your mentoring program with best practices. Let me explain.

This training will afford you an incredibly rich learning experience. You’ll have the chance to think thoughtfully about how to write and design your organization’s founding mission, goals, and objectives. You’ll be able to develop your mentor recruitment plan, practice interviewing volunteers, apply systems of match support, and think thoughtfully about what risk management practices you’ll need at your agency.

Building-a-Quality-ProgramOur trainings focus strongly on collaboration and active involvement from the participants. We care deeply about your ability to apply the concepts that we deliver, and there are meaningful activities that are seamlessly woven into the course. Many of the activities will require you to start some of the work that you would have to do in carrying out the steps of starting or running a program. You will also have a chance to connect with other professionals in the field, and hear other ideas and practices that might be useful as you move forward.

Now, this training does focus on designing and building a program. However, even if you work for an already established program, the training’s take-aways you can are priceless. The next time you need to rethink the goals of your organization’s mission or develop a strategic plan – an ongoing and revisited task – your understanding of the relevant concepts will be greatly reinforced. This training will also expose you to best practices in recruitment, screening, training, matching and all the other aspects of operating a high quality mentoring program as mentioned in the Elements of Effective Practice.

So in spite of what can be seen as a large investment in time, please know that attending this training should more than pay for itself in time and practices saved from being able to start, operate, and manage a youth-serving program in alignment with high quality principles. Being able to leave this training with a strong plan in place will benefit not only you and your staff, but also for the young people your agency serves.

You can learn more and register here for our two-day Building a Quality Mentoring Program training on Wednesday, March 26 and Thursday, March 27. You can see some of the other rich training opportunities Mass Mentoring has to offer here.