Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mass Bay– Red Sox Mentoring Challenge!

Tell us about your role and position at your agency?

My name is Ivett Delgado and I am a Volunteer and Youth Engagement Recruiter with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts.  As a volunteer and youth engagement recruiter, I am lucky enough to go around Boston and Greater Boston to spread the word of the great work we do at Big Brothers Big Sisters. In my role, I get to share my passion as a mentor among other potential mentors and motivate them to become volunteers. It’s amazing!  On the other end of my role, I work with parents and youth serving agencies to refer boys to our program, which is equally rewarding.  Hearing the stories of our Littles makes me feel extremely proud of what I do for a living.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

 My favorite part of my job, is tracking the Littles and Bigs when they get matched!  It is something special to see a picture of a match you helped bring together.  It’s even more special when I am able to meet them together.  The Littles are so cute and happy to have a Big Brother; you can just see how much they look up to them.

Is there a particular story of a match that you are particularly proud of?

There are so many amazing stories that it’s hard to pick one.  If I had to pick one, I would say it was more of a quote from a Little who co-wrote a blog with his Big.  There he mentioned that his mom signed him up for the program because his father was not in his life and he was missing that positive male role model.  He mentions how his Big helped him grow up and “learn the ropes of manhood”.   He really considered his Big Brother a brother and a part of his family.  Their bond is inspirational and helps motivate me to find more Big Brothers for our program!

What lessons do you think can be drawn from the Red Sox team and its players in regards to what it means to be a mentor and a role model?

I think a lesson that we can learn from the Red Sox is that it takes a team to succeed.  Our mentors are our players; each of them are All-Stars to us.  Each mentor counts, just like on the Red Sox.  However, in order for our community (team) to succeed as a whole we need the help of each player.  Their contributions to their Littles helps the team/community as a whole win!  The impact they have on their Littles on each outing is like a homerun at every game! 

What would you say to those who are on the fence about mentoring?

It’s the best! I’ve been a Big Sister for a year and a half and love it. It’s a lot easier than you think and the time you spend together isn’t that much, but it’s so meaningful to them. 

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