Bank of America Student Leader Reflects On Her MMP Internship


Mass Mentoring Partnership was honored to participate in Bank of America's Student Leaders Program this summer. The  8-week program provides more than 200 young leaders around the country with the opportunity to learn how government, the private and public sectors intersect to address community issues. The Student Leaders program allows students to connect with peers and find additional inspiration to strengthen their communities. The students also come together for a leadership summit in Washington D.C.

Mass Mentoring hosted Branajha Rembert, a rising high school senior from Boston Latin Academy. Branajha's project was to support MMP's public advocacy work on behalf of dropout prevention. MMP is working to promote policies that would bring greater adult support to students to help strengthen their connection to school. Branajha played a critical part in helping us collect survey data from more than 250 high school students to provide first person evidence of the benefits of these adult supports.  She also conducted a focus group of high school students to gain further insights into their views. 

Branajha participated in a Q&A with Bank of America following her internship. Here's a look at what she had to say: 

Describe Mass Mentoring Partnership’s mission in your own words.  Mass Mentoring Partnership believes in strong and impactful youth-adult relationships for all youth in Massachusetts.

Why is this mission important to you personally?  As a young person , I think relationships with adults are extremely important. I've been given the opportunities I have today because of the relationships I have with adults.

What are you most excited about learning at Mass Mentoring Partnership?  What have you learned during your internship?  I wanted to learn how a non-profit works because I want to start my own. I learned that non profits are very complex.

What was your biggest take-away from the Student Leadership Summit?  No matter how young you are you can achieve great things.

How did you hear about Bank of America’s Student Leader program and why was this a program you wanted to participate in? My PIC career specialist told me about it. I am a strong believer in changing my community especially coming from an area that is not the best, when I saw that it gives you the skills to be a leader in your community I wanted to take advantage.

At the end of the internship, what do you hope to walk away with?  I hope to walk away with connections for life and skills and knowledge to start my own nonprofit and make a change.

What is your dream job?  A nurse midwife.


We want to thank our friends at Bank of America for the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile program. And thanks to Branajha for her amazing work this summer. We can't wait to learn about the great things she'll do in the future!

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