2015: A New Year and An Expanded Mission

Since 1992, Mass Mentoring Partnership has been a leader in supporting the movement to create, support, and sustain quality youth mentoring relationships throughout Massachusetts. We are proud of the partnerships we have built with mentoring programs and are committed to ensuring that those relationships continue to thrive in the future.

As we move forward in 2015 and beyond, MMP begins an exciting new chapter in our history.

Our core belief has always been that every young person deserves to have a caring adult in their life. We are taking steps to broaden our mission and help make that vision a reality by supporting and nurturing these empowering youth-adult relationships where they’re happening.  While we remain committed to supporting the vital work that our mentoring program partners are doing, we are scaling our efforts and partnering with youth serving organizations that are also engaging in caring youth-adult relationships every day in the work that they do. Some of these may not be “formal” mentoring relationships, but many are caring, meaningful and consistent relationships that are having a powerful impact on the lives of young people.

These types of youth-serving organizations come in many forms and provide a multitude of services. They include out-of-school enrichment programs, youth employment programs, community centers, sports programs, arts & culture programs, schools and colleges, and more. Our goal is to support and strengthen these organizations so that they can better meet the needs of the youth they serve and the relationships they support.

As part of this new strategic vision, we are also planning other important initiatives in 2015 to help us raise our effectiveness and impact in the work that we do.

While we will continue to be a statewide organization, we will have a more targeted approach this year in four geographic areas in Massachusetts that have been identified as having unique challenges for youth in accessing empowering youth-adult relationships, including a lack of resources to meet that need. These areas include: Cape Cod; Hampden County; the Essex County communities of Lynn and Lawrence; and the Boston neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan. We will develop successful models in these areas and broaden this outreach to include organizations across the state.

We are also planning to lead efforts to create a more inclusive mentoring movement throughout Massachusetts to better meet the needs of young people. MMP has always been committed to inclusion and diversity in mentoring, but we are taking more concrete steps in 2015 to expand our efforts. These include developing increased expertise among our staff through identifying cultural competency best practices and then creating tools for implementing them within our own organization as well as with our partners.

As Mass Mentoring Partnership enters its 23rd year, we are excited and invigorated by the important work ahead. We hope you share our excitement and join us as we expand this movement to ensure that every child has a caring adult in their life. We look forward to sharing more about this important work with you in the coming months. 


Marty Martinez, President & CEO