2010 January 28
Posted by Michael
By Mass Mentoring VP and COO Sue Anne Endelman Early on in my tenure at Mass Mentoring Partnership, I remember reading the slogan: “Anyone Can Be a Mentor.” It seemed to be commonly accepted language in promotional materials designed to recruit new mentors. Looking back, I think the message was meant to dispel any notions that educational credentials, social class or financial resources were pre-requisites for becoming a mentor to a young person. But as we heard yesterday at Mass Mentoring Partnership’s annual Forum on Youth Mentoring, there are a fair amount of qualifiers that need to... Read more
2010 January 25
Posted by Michael
Last week, we lost a leader, a friend, a champion, and most of all, a mentor. Jim Connolly, Mass Mentoring’s Board Chair, passed away of a heart attack. For those of you who knew Jim, you know how fortunate we were to have him on this earth. For those who did not, I will do my best to give you a sense of Jim and the wonderful qualities he brought to this earth and our community. He will live vividly in our memories as we deal with this void while providing strength and support for his wife and two boys. Jim’s talent in the corporate world is undeniable but it was his everyday approach... Read more
2009 December 29
Posted by Michael
By Mass Mentoring Partnership CEO David Shapiro As we turn to the New Year, we focus on resiliency. We celebrate the resiliency of our youth and families as they seek out connections with mentors, and the unwavering strength of mentoring programs’ staff that, amidst funding cuts, hiring freezes, and furloughs, have re-doubled their commitment to delivering quality mentoring services. We also find continued inspiration in every mentoring match story, illustrating the power of human connection to expand opportunities and horizons for young people and their mentors. With the New Year and... Read more