AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring

Arielle Sobov
Brian Eiermann, 2015-2016
Jasmine Cespedes-Mejia, 2015-2016

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Become an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring

The AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring (AAOMs) are AmeriCorps members who are placed at mentoring programs and youth-serving organizations statewide to help strengthen programs in the areas of match support, program development, marketing, strategic planning and mentor/mentee recruitment, mentor/mentee or parent training and curriculum development, and program development and start-up. AAOMs work on volunteer mentor recruitment efforts in their host organization as well as work with other corps members to complete statewide community service projects that benefit the field of mentoring in Massachusetts. Since 2008, 175 AAOMs have served through 64 mentoring agencies with an average of 1,500 volunteer inquiries that resulted in an average of 379 mentors matched each year. AAOMs have reached more than 10,000 youth through nearly 35,000 hours of service.

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Program Details

AmeriCorps Service Requirements - Ambassadors must:

  • Be able to complete a minimum of 1700 hours of documented service to complete host site project
  • Complete all required AmeriCorps documentation and monthly reporting
  • Satisfactorily complete host site service project
  • Complete at least two collaborative community service projects to benefit the field of mentoring
  • Maintain a service portfolio and blog posts
  • Must be able to commute to all corps-wide trainings and events to cultivate future non-profit leaders. Responsibilities include attending a four hour pre-orientation session in July, one week-long orientation, monthly corps meetings, a mid-year retreat and two week-long community service planning sessions – Meetings located in Boston, MA
  • Maintain a service portfolio
  • Must be able to effectively manage time and meet competing demands
  • Complete all professional development requirements as part of member contract

As compensation, Ambassadors receive:

  • A $5,935 educational award upon completion of service 
  • A bi-weekly pre-taxed stipend every month
  • Graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership
  • Additional transportation reimbursement for qualifying members
  • 250+ hours of professional training and networking opportunities in the mentoring field and the non-profit sector
  • Free health care coverage
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Loan deferment and interest accrual payment for qualifying loans upon completion of service
  • A built-in network of AmeriCorps members and colleagues - with the potential to make lifelong friends!

If you have additional questions, please refer to our list of FAQs. For more information about AmeriCorps, please click here.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?
We are now recruiting for the 2019-2020 service year! 

2019 - 2020 Open Host Site Full Year Positions:

Boston Youth Wrestling - Capacity Building Ambassador
The proposed capacity building project will task the Ambassador with implementing and maintaining the M.A.T Program. This project will require the Ambassador to develop the organizational systems for outreach of potential recruits, developing the orientation and intake of approved volunteers, and creating the systems for matching mentors and mentees, as well as ongoing support for matches. This type of work will require taking on a leadership role in the design and implementation of these systems. Although this will be challenging work, we believe our organization’s mission and the passion our staff have for serving our students will motivate the Ambassador to reach their full potential to accomplish the goals of the program scope and outcomes.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay - Mentor2.0 Program Ambassador
BBBSMB’s Mentor2.0 Mentoring Ambassador is a one year of service position, beginning on August 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.  The Ambassador will play a significant role as we expand our Mentor2.0 program in its third year. The Ambassador will serve as point person in our Mentor2.0 program which is designed to improve the high school graduation and college success of teens in a Boston Public High School.  The Ambassador will partner with our Community Engagement Team to recruit and enroll volunteers into the program as well as provide ongoing support and training to the mentor/mentee relationships. They will also work with the program coordinator to roll out the curriculum through weekly classes and monthly events. The Ambassador will also be a key contributor in the documentation of program best practices. 

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BUILD - Community Engagement Coordinator
BUILD relies heavily on the support of its team of dedicated mentors.  These are the adults who have the most contact with and the greatest impact on our students.  BUILD Boston partners with seven of Boston’s Public Schools.  As such, capacity building around our mentoring program is vital to the growth and success of our operation.  BUILD mentors volunteer two hours each week throughout the school year (October – June), helping our students develop and run small businesses, while providing personal support and development.  Our mentor program is made up of co-mentors working together with a team of four to six students. Next year, we are planning to serve 450-500 students in our seven partner schools. Therefore, one of our project goals is to recruit/retain 170 mentors.

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Boston Partners in Education - Branding and Engagement Coordinator
Boston Partners in Education (Boston Partners) is seeking an Ambassador of Mentoring to serve as the Branding and Engagement Coordinator for 2019-2020.The Ambassador’s primary goals will be to review and recommend suggestions for our teacher marketing, towards mentee recruitment, strengthening our partnerships with teachers and schools, allowing us to better communicate what we do and recruit more student mentees. The Ambassador will also continue to build our capacity in community outreach and mentor recruitment. Finally, the Ambassador will continue the work from 2018/2019 to build upon our volunteer engagement strategies and increase our match support capacity.

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Budget Buddies: GIRL’S LIFE – Program Coordinator
Budget Buddies: Girl’s LIFE (Learning Independence through Financial Education) is designed to apply our award-winning financial literacy and empowerment curriculum to a teen audience. Teaching young women core financial principals when they are on the cusp of independent financial lives is essential to the full economic empowerment for women in adulthood. Girl’s LIFE is a program that combines instructional workshops and one-to-one mentoring for young women, ages 15-20. The AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring will be our Girl’s LIFE Program Coordinator as we enter the second year of our program. Building on success from our pilot year, the Girl’s LIFE Program Coordinator will 1) recruit and train mentors; 2) support matches between mentors and teens; 3) assist with the facilitation of the workshops; 4) find new youth serving agencies to partner with; 5) incorporate updates from our pilot program into the current curriculum; and 6) evaluate our second-year programs and suggest additional changes.

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Enroot - The Program Associate
The Program Associate will play a key role in leading two student cohorts at Enroot: the Explore Cohort and the Emerge Cohort. Explore serves our students with the lowest level of English-language proficiency, all newly arrived in the community. Emerge on works with students who have left or are in the process of leaving the English Language Learner (ELL) system at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. Working closely with the Program Manager and the Enroot team as a whole, they will lead the Cambridge and Somerville mentoring programs component and support the sites through data management, marketing, and co-facilitation of the weekly seminar. This position offers a meaningful opportunity to lead major program components at a growing nonprofit, build professional skills and experience with a supportive team, and work directly with immigrant high school students.

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Girls Incorporated of Lynn
The Ambassador of Mentoring will oversee the Bold Futures middle school group mentoring program for girls in grades six through eight. The mentoring program is a component of the larger after-school program, Odyssey. The purpose of the middle school group mentoring program is to improve girls’ attitude towards school, to increase girls’ social and emotional competencies and to provide the mentees with support from positive role models. Responsibilities will include mentor recruitment, orientation and training, providing daily match support as well as improving current match support systems, acquiring and maintaining program supplies, planning and carrying out mentoring events, delivering structured enrichment programming, and assisting in the daily implementation of the Odyssey after-school program.

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Mill City Mentors
The Mill City Mentors AmeriCorps Ambassador should have strong communication skills, the ability to be flexible and creative, and be energetic about promoting and growing the Mill City Mentors Program.  The Mill City Mentors AmeriCorps Ambassador will be focusing on the following areas: Support the marketing and recruitment of volunteer mentors to meet mentee demand by actively participate in community events to promote and recruit diverse mentors, maintain volunteer postings, conduct outreach, and assist in the creation of recruitment materials and social media postings; Coordinate the creation of needed marketing materials for distribution and social media; Assist in the effort to increase diversity within our volunteer applicants, participate in the strategic planning for recruiting a more diverse volunteer base, assist with the implementation of strategic marketing and outreach.

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Partners for Youths with Disabilities - Recruitment and Retention Specialist
The main components of this project include: supporting the recruitment of mentees who could benefit from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Disability Mentoring Initiative; supporting the recruitment of a diverse pool of mentors; and enhancing match support resources and mentee training. The AAOM would support mentee recruitment through building new and deepening existing relationships with community based organizations. The AAOM would lead mentor recruitment efforts which includes attending recruitment fairs, developing recruitment materials and analyzing results. The AAOM would also contribute to the marketing team and provide resources through our e-newsletter and mentor support group on Facebook.

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Sociedad Latina - Mentores en Acción Coordinator
The goal of our Mentores en Acción program is to support Latino youth through high school and prepare them for college and workplace success. We achieve this goal by pairing youth with Success Mentors who provide personal, academic, and career exploration support in 9th-12th grades and in the first year of college. In 2019-20, the Ambassador of Mentoring will capitalize on these efforts by maintaining current matches and recruiting a greater number of young professional mentors of color to support our Escalera college and career readiness programming. The aAOM will also be responsible for training mentors around best practices for supporting English Learners and providing support in college and career readiness; and creating opportunities for mentoring matches to build relationships outside of the classroom and explore their cultural identity, such as field trips to cultural institutions, and higher education and career exploration activities.

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The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell - Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator
Youth Mentoring Program Coordinator will: Review and assess the existing Mentoring Program plan; Research effective mentoring programs and strategies and propose changes based on the Elements of Effective Practices of Mentoring; Assess and revise current training materials for mentors and mentees; Create an onboarding and orientation system and supplemental materials for training new mentors; Create a sign-up sheet for youth interested in the Mentoring Program; Plan and implement recruitment events for both mentors and mentees at the Club; Research and implement a matching system to help pair mentors with mentees and improve the longevity of the relationship; Provide ongoing training and support for all mentors; Supervise and observe mentor-mentee meetings which will take place at the Club; Create mentor recruitment materials to be distributed throughout the Greater Lowell community; Utilize the Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Technical Assistance Project; Develop a well-documented and concrete plan to be instilled at the organization for years to come; Attend weekly Youth Services meetings at the Club; Collaborate closely with the Volunteer Manager and Youth Services Manager

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Simmons University - The Simmons Alumnae/i ALANA Mentoring Program – Program Coordinator
The Simmons Alumnae/i ALANA Mentoring (SAAM) Program is a mentoring program whose purpose is to build and foster meaningful and structured interactions between Simmons alumnae and ALANA (African American, Latinx, Asian, Native American) students. Through these connections, mentees receive support, guidance, and resources to navigate their undergraduate experience. Students elect into the program starting in their junior year, and can remain in the project through graduation.

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Silver Lining - Diversity Outreach Coordinator
Silver Lining Mentoring (SLM) is seeking an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring to join our team as the Diversity Outreach Coordinator to achieve two key objectives: increase diversity in mentor recruitment and grow capacity in the organization’s management of mentor applicants.  Strong candidates will be motivated to learn about the child welfare system and youth impacted by the system.   The Diversity Outreach Coordinator will add to and implement an outreach plan to increase diversity of mentor applicants to more closely reflect the diversity of youth served and their preferences.  In particular, the Coordinator will work to recruit mentors with identities requested by youth served, including: male mentors, mentors of color, and mentors with experience in foster care or care outside their original home. 

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The Muriel S. Snowden International School at Copley – Mentoring Program Coordinator
The Mentoring Program Coordinator will complete the following: Support the recruitment and training for staff and volunteer mentors; Build partnerships with community organizations and businesses in the Back Bay/Copley Square neighborhood; Work with Snowden staff to identify students, recruit them in to the program and match them with potential mentors; Coordinator will participate in weekly meetings with teachers to identify students who will receive mentoring as an intervention; Provide ongoing match support to make sure that students and mentors are connecting regularly; Manage All Here database that documents meetings and phone calls between mentors and mentees.

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Big Sister Association of Greater Boston - Big For A Day Coordinator
The Ambassador of Mentoring (AOM) will be focused on stewarding our volunteers through management, planning and facilitation of monthly Big For A Day (BFAD) programming and other opportunities. Our Big for a Day (BFAD) program offers volunteers who are in the process of becoming Big Sisters, or who are unable to make the commitment to be a Big Sister and the Little Sisters on our waitlist the opportunity to participate in fun activities together. This position requires someone who can commit to at least one weekend day per month upon which program activities are held, in addition to regular work week responsibilities. The following description outlines the goals and outcomes that this position is expected to achieve. The AOM will: 1) coordinate direct implementation of the BFAD program, including enrolling, training and stewarding volunteers; providing high quality customer service to corporate and community partners and to families. Also, develop and document the protocols to transition women and corporate/community partners from BFAD into longer-term one-to-one programs and into other opportunities that support the organization’s priorities, including recruitment, marketing, fund development, and program supports, and 2) develop and document the database migration to Salesforce to create systems to streamline processes. 

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Steps to Success - College Success Initiative Ambassador
The AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring will complete the following: Support the recruitment and training of sufficient volunteer mentors to meet student need and demand; Actively participate in recruitment fairs, maintain volunteer postings, conduct outreach; Assist in the creation of recruitment materials and social media postings; Assist in the effort to develop impactful mentor/mentee matches; Participate in pre-mentor interviews and orientation of new mentors and mentees to ensure they are prepared; Support the creation of mentor/mentee matches; Monitor mentors/mentee matches through periodic check-ins; Provide mentor/mentee opportunities for networking and appreciation; Coordinate the creation of needed forms, written policies, a volunteer handbook, and a volunteer manual; With staff, identify literature gaps and needs for a cohesive volunteer experience; Draft and edit forms, policies, handbook, and manual; Have the data to inform program improvement year to year; Ensure the mentor log and notes on matches are kept up to date; Conduct informal check-ins, formal check-in, and end of year survey with mentors/mentees to obtain program feedback.

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Chica Project
The AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring (AAOM) will take the lead on screening and reaching out to our pool of prospective mentors, but he/she will also work with our Executive Director (ED) in identifying and recruiting new mentors. A majority of our recruitment efforts are conducted by word of mouth, social media, and from supporters that have attended past events. The AAOM would support us by streamlining the recruitment efforts and building a system to ensure a proper level of engagement and retention of volunteers. The AAOM will be expected to present at community events, corporate events, and strategically leverage our database to recruit mentors. Additionally, the AAOM will be serving in a leadership capacity. The AAOM will be integrated into the larger culture of the organization by working with program staff, participants and volunteers. They will report, be supervised and supported by the ED.

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St. Stephen's Youth Programs (SSYP)
The Ambassador of Mentoring at SSYP will expand the current mentoring program and create supports to bring mentoring to all of our involved youth. By Coordinating the 150+ volunteer base, the AAOM will increase the number of trained mentors in each program area (elementary school, middle school, teen employment, and alumni). They will create program activities to foster the circle of care, increasing the number of caring adults in the life of each young person, and help young people build essential leadership skills that will prepare them to succeed in high school and imagine themselves (and take action) as civic activists. The AAOM will provide individual and group supports to help mentors and mentees build relationship skills, understand the Boston Public School system, and prepare youth for their college and career futures. The AAOM will lead SSYP’s efforts to ensure that all youth have access to age- and developmentally- appropriate mentorship that supports their develop of academic, professional, and organizational skills and builds the hope and imagination that will lead to full and successful lives. They will build relationships with young people in our program to ensure they are able to successfully match and support the mentoring pairs. 

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Mass Mentoring Partnership - Mayor's Mentoring Movement Program Associate
Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is seeking an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring to serve as the Program Membership Associate for 2019-2020. The Ambassador’s primary responsibility will be to support the management of Mayor’s Mentoring Movement (MMM) Initiative as well as My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) related activities: Ensure consistent communication to the 19 Mayor’s Mentoring Movement programs on a monthly basis; Communicate opportunities for training and incentives to MBK community based programs and solicit feedback from them on what other services are needed; Solicit match stories from MMM and MBK programs to be highlighted at events and on promotional materials; Utilize QuickBase to track program/organization details and progress; Manage the administration of surveys and collection of reports from; Schedule information sessions to promote MMM to City Hall departments, and follow up with any requests for additional information; Assist in the execution of 3 events that promote MMM, as well as MBK Community programs.

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Mass Mentoring Partnership - QBM Membership Program Associate
Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is seeking an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring to serve as the Program Membership Associate for 2019-2020. The Ambassador’s primary responsibility will be to support the management of and communication with programs partners through the Quality-Based Membership process. MMP’s Quality-Based Membership program is an initiative that supports mentoring organizations/programs to improve program quality. This person will work closely with MMP Program services team to: Create, update, and compile: processes, best practices, templates, toolkits, and other resources; Monitor and track program development and progress in QuickBase (our CRM); Research mentoring best practices and integrate new practices in materials and technical assistance; Communicate regularly with our network of programs (via e-mail, phone call, etc.); Develop an assessment to gauge program readiness for becoming partner-level; Develop a system for continuous improvement

Mass Mentoring Partnership - Marketing and Network Outreach Associate
Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is seeking an AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring to serve as the Marketing and Match Activity Associate for 2019-2020. The Ambassador will serve at MMP’s Boston office to work on marketing and match activity projects across the state. The position will be supervised by MMP’s Director of Marketing and External Affairs and includes responsibilities such as: leading communication with mentoring programs and mentors around match activity opportunities to access this benefit; generating, editing, publishing and sharing engaging content on MMP’s social media accounts;  supporting program outreach to increase membership in the Mentor Connector and MMP initiatives; developing tools to better track the impact of MMP’s communication activities, and more.
Jewish Family Service - Academic Mentor Specialist

The Ambassador of Mentoring (AOM) at JFS will work directly with two extended day programs for elementary school children in Framingham.  The AOM will work as part of a team to provide high caliber service to immigrant youth in our community.  The AOM will recruit and train volunteer mentors to serve as role models and tutors for youth in the extended day programs and will provide on-site supervision and support to the mentors and mentees throughout the school year.  The AOM will be responsible for formalizing this existing mentoring program through the creation and development of outreach and training plans, mentor manuals, mentor communication and mentor evaluation and feedback procedures.  In addition to work with this existing mentoring program, the AOM will research and develop a proposal for a pilot to start a new mentoring program that can help follow students as they enter middle school in the 2020-2021 school year.
Jewish Family Service Western Massachusetts - Refugee Youth Mentor Impact Associate

JFSWM seeks a Refugee Youth Mentor Impact Associate to shape and lead a mentorship program for refugee youth in Springfield, MA. Refugee youth are resilient, and arrive to the U.S. with strong communication and coping skills; however, youth need tailored support as they learn how to pivot their experience to an American context and navigate their new lives in the U.S. The Impact Associate will examine the existing structures to support volunteers and mentors and take on a leadership role in developing and growing JFSWM’s volunteer program. The Member would build systems to enable JFSWM to utilize the welcoming and supportive energy of the community in Springfield to support refugee youth as they adjust and succeed in the United States. 
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology - Mentor Program Coordinator

The Mentoring Program Coordinator at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology will develop, manage, and assess the college mentoring program.  Initially the Coordinator will perform a needs assessment of the BFIT student population to determine the most appropriate mentoring framework that will best serve the college mission in preparing graduates for work, life-long learning, and citizenship. Based upon the environmental scan, the Coordinator will develop the mentoring program description, policies, objectives and outcomes.  Volunteer recruitment, match support, participant feedback, and program assessment will be key aspects of the position. The Coordinator will be an active member of the Student Success team at BFIT, working closely with team members to gain insight and access to students through orientation, success workshops, weekly student review meetings, and regular interaction with student leaders.

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>> Meet Renee, a 2016-2017 AOM, who shared her experience on our blog.

For more information, contact Tom McGee, AOM Program Manager, at or 617.695.2473.

Mass Mentoring Partnership and its site partners are equal opportunity employers. Mass Mentoring Partnership makes reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities for interview as well as service term. All position acceptances are contingent upon a successful background check.