Youth Leadership Council (Seeking 4-5 High School Students!)

Organizational Description: 
With offices in Boston and in Holyoke, Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP) is fueling the movement to expand quality mentoring for youth to meet the needs of communities across Massachusetts. MMP serves more than 200 mentoring programs statewide supporting 30,000 youth in mentoring relationships.

Mentoring and youth development programs’ voices are vital in helping MMP raise awareness about the role that empowering youth-adult relationships play in addressing systemic social problems and garner support at the local, state and federal levels of government. By familiarizing yourself with the steps of the state budget process, learning about policies and initiatives related to mentoring, and building relationships with your community’s legislators and other public officials, you can play a critical role in ensuring that the needs of the field are heard – and met.

Position Summary: 
The Youth Leaderships Council (YLC) at Mass Mentoring works to bring together youth voice from targeted communities in an effort to enable students with greater skills, knowledge, and opportunity to advocate for mentoring resources and support within their schools and communities. MMP hopes to develop and train a strong base of community activists through a train the trainer model, which not only empowers youth to use their voice to promote systemic change, but also teaches them how to support their peers become advocates.

Program Objectives

Utilizing Storytelling and Narrative: Personal narrative is centralized to intertwine distinct, yet linked, histories of youth in targeted communities. Set through a critical, anti-racist lens, the empowerment of student voice and experience plays a vital role in connecting individuals to a global community.

Organizing Strategy through Critical Thought and Learning: The YLC at Mass Mentoring works outside a hierarchical system to foster constant and flexible learning. Each member brings unique vision to our work, and by learning from and with others we can begin to move towards our goal of equitable resources and support.

Action, Activism, and Advocacy: The third piece of the YLC program puts full control into the hands of youth. By first analyzing and reflecting on their own strengths, students will create and implement a plan of advocacy to spread awareness on a greater need for mentoring support and resources within their schools and communities.

The YLC of MMP and the Public Policy Fellow will work to understand unique strengths and talents that can be utilized in advocating for greater mentoring opportunities. The YLC will provide valuable insight into how youth want to see change and growth in their schools and communities through personal stories, interviews, and surveys. The YLC will become advocates for change by speaking with legislators and spreading awareness about the benefits of mentoring programs in their communities.

Position Requirements: 

-Age 15-18

-Academically motivated

-Interest in Advocacy and or public policy

-Involved in some form of mentoring relationship

-Leadership experience


- The YLC and the Public Policy Fellow will meet 5 times over the course of about a month and a half in the MMP Office at 75 Kneeland Street in Boston. MMP has a living curriculum that fosters the vision of communities and allows for flexibility and adaptation.

- Each group meeting will be a space to discuss the YLC members’ unique strengths, what MMP is working on in the Massachusetts State Legislature, and how to advocate for change in Boston communities.

- The first half of the program focuses on MMP’s role in mentoring projects, the details of the budget process in the state of massachusetts, and how mentoring her personally impacted members of the YLC. Next, members will learn how to become a Youth Advocate and how to make their voices heard by legislators in their communities.

- Culminating with MMP’s Youth Mentoring Day on January 15th, the YLC begins to turn knowledge into action by setting up meetings with Massachusetts State Legislators and advocating for change in their communities by sharing their stories.

How to Apply: 

To be considered for the position, please apply here: please apply here by November 28th.

Mass Mentoring Partnership provides equal employment opportunities for all applicants and employees. We encourage all young people to apply.

Posted Date: 
Friday, November 9, 2018