The 2017 Boston Marathon® with Team MMP

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Every year, with the support of our friends at John Hancock, MMP hosts individuals to run the Boston Marathon and raise money to support our work. All of the money they raise directly fuels our mission to create empowering youth-adult relationships. For 2017, we are fortunate to have two runners who are already training and pushing themselves to achieve their goals!

Meet Our Runners

Hillary Laggis

Hillary Laggins.jpg

Hometown:  I was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. 

Organization: Inner-City Scholarship Fund

Why is running important to you? When I was younger, I insisted that I wasn't a runner and running just wasn't for me. All of this changed in the end of  high school  when i was diagnose with Lupus and my Rheumatologist suggested exercise and specifically, running as  part of my treatment plan.  From that point on, I learned to love running and eventually completed a few half  marathons in college. In 2015, my New Year's resolution was to complete a full marathon which I did when I finished the Vermont City Marathon in May 2015. After that, I knew I wanted to complete the Boston Marathon in my current home city. 

Why are you running the Boston Marathon for Team MMP? I'm honored to be running for Team MMP because they support two organizations that mean the world to me - DREAM and Big Sister of Greater Boston. I was a DREAM mentor all four years of college, and I am currently a Big Sister to an amazing young girl. I whole-heartedly support and believe in the work of MMP, and I cannot wait to represent such an incredible organization in April at the Boston Marathon. 

Samantha Melchiorri 

Samantha Melchiorri_1.jpg Hometown: Natick, MA 

 Organization: ALKU

 Why is running important to you? About a year and a half ago, I was going through a tough time and a lot of  changes in my life.  As a naturally motivated individual, I was losing my internal luster and felt awfully defeated. I  wanted to give myself something to keep me motivated and focused on things to get my 'groove back' if you will. I  started training for the Chilly Run and set a schedule in place. I ran every single day, and I started to feel like myself  again! 

 Why are you running the Boston Marathon for Team MMP?  Completing the Chilly Run and seeing my parents at  the finish line was the best feeling in the world. So, I can only imagine how the Boston Marathon will make me feel.  The fact that I get to raise awareness and provide funds to an organization which helps improve the spirits  and goals of young children is the absolute icing on the cake!


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In 2015, John Hancock provided over 1000 Boston Marathon® bibs to select non-profit organizations throughout the community. The John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program provides organizations with a significant fundraising opportunity. Last year, John Hancock non-profit runners raised more than $10 million for over 140 different local organizations. For 30 years John Hancock has been the principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

We thank John Hancock for their continued support of MMP's mission to empower youth-adult relationships.