Celebrating 25 Years and 25 Mentors


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Since our founding in 1992, there have been many individuals and organizations that have had a significant impact on Mass Mentoring Partnership. It's through their commitment to our mission that we have been able to continue our work and strengthen communities through empowering youth-adult relationships. For our 25th anniversary, we selected 25 Mentors of Mass Mentoring Partnership to recognize for their contributions. We honored them earlier this year at our 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration and we thank them for everything they’ve done to help us achieve so much. Without them, we would not be the organization we are today.

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ALKU Logo 16_0.jpgALKU​

Through leadership of their CEO and Founder Mark Eldridge, ALKU has generously supported MMP with employee engagement and fundraising through the Rodman Ride for Kids, through board leadership and ALKU's annual $20,000 scholarship for rising high school seniors to attend college. Their support on multiple fronts since 2013 has been instrumental in helping MMP achieve its expanding impact.


bank-of-america-logo_2.jpgBank of America

Bank of America is one of MMP's largest and long time philanthropic supporters providing critical support through financial contributions, board engagement, community partnership and increased visibility. Their support extends across the state and has allowed MMP to raise awareness about the impact of mentoring through their deep partnership. Bank of America’s support in Massachusetts and nationally has made a tremendous impact and helped advance the mentoring movement to where it is today.


Bennie Wiley (2).jpg



Bennie Wiley

Bennie was an early supporter of Greater Boston One to One and Mass Mentoring helping the growing organization expand its work and develop deep ties with diverse communities and programs. As the leader of The Partnership, she helped shape MMP's early efforts and stayed engaged through the years with MMP’s Mentors of Color recruitment campaign. Bennie made a lasting impact on MMP’s story.






Beth Tallarico

Beth served in many different capacities at MMP for over 15 years, making her MMP's longest serving staff member. She worked on the program front helping to deepen MMP’s impact as well as helping the organization grow its financial and operational capacity. Her dedicated leadership continues to advance the field of mentoring in her current role as Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at MENTOR, The National Mentoring Partnership. Beth’s internal leadership made a lasting impact on MMP’s growing capacity.




red sox.jpgThe Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are a long time supporter of MMP, hosting Mentoring Night at Fenway which has welcomed thousands of mentors and mentees over the years, hosting Champions of Mentoring to help MMP raise close to $2 million to support its work and giving birth to the Red Sox Mentoring Challenge, recruiting over 2000 mentors. The Red Sox have been instrumental in MMP’s success throughout the years.



Connolly Family.jpgThe Connolly Family

The late Jim Connolly served as a dedicated volunteer to MMP as Board Chair and corporate supporter while at Citizens Bank. His legacy now lives on through his family, Maureen, James, and Colin through the creation of the James G. Connolly Tribute Fund, which supports annual program awards to help close the mentoring gap. Their efforts and commitment to continue Jim’s legacy of volunteer leadership has made a big impact on MMP and its program partners each year since 2010.




David Shapiro.jpg


David Shapiro

David served as President and CEO of MMP from 2004 - 2011, providing innovative leadership that grew MMP’s services and impact across the state. Under his tenure MMP developed ground breaking services and programs, grew public investment in mentoring and expanded its reach to every corner of the Commonwealth. His commitment to mentoring and MMP is limitless and continues today in his role as the CEO of MENTOR, the National Mentoring Partnership. David helped shape MMP in every way and is truly one its most valuable mentors.




Duane Jackson_0.jpg


Duane Jackson

Duane served with MMP as a volunteer board member and thought leader for over 15 years and was involved in its early years helping to shape the organization’s goals, vision and impact. In addition to various efforts to expand the organization’s reach and impact in diverse communities, he helped guide the development of the Mentors of Color campaign and brought a critical voice to the organization's leadership. Duane made a lasting impact on MMP’s efforts through the years.






Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young (EY) has been a tireless advocate for MMP and mentoring through the leadership of George Neble and Nancy Altobello, leaving a valuable impact on Mass Mentoring. Their mentorship and guidance has helped shape MMP’s leadership for over 10 years. Through the company's commitment to mentoring with employee engagement and philanthropic support, EY has helped shape MMP into the organization it is today.




First Niagara logo.jpgFirst Niagara Foundation in partnership with KeyBank

First Niagara Bank Foundation in partnership with KeyBank is MMP's largest funder in Western Massachusetts, helping to expand its impact in one of MMP’s targeted communities. Through the partnership, First Niagara Foundation/KeyBank has been instrumental in MMP growing program efforts in Springfield and Holyoke as well as contributing to the Leverage and Impact Fund that has granted program awards to eight different agencies in the region. Their support has been critical to MMP’s raised visibility in the region.



Harvey Lowell.jpg


Harvey Lowell

Harvey is the President and CEO of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters and was heavily involved in the early years of MMP's program leadership council, helping to give critical voice to the needs of program partners. As a leading program advocate of Mass Mentoring from the start, Harvey has helped to shape the organization’s goals and services to help advance the mentoring movement on all fronts. His long term commitment to mentoring has made a big difference in the MMP story and helped shape the organization.




highland_street_foundation.pngHighland Street Foundation 

Highland Street Foundation has offered critical support for MMP through the years. From their board leadership and guidance to their generous financial support, the Highland Street Foundation has been key to MMP’s growth and development. Their inaugural support of the Highland Street Americorps Ambassadors of Mentoring Program which builds capacity at mentoring programs has made a lasting impact on over 50 different organizations across the state.



John Mahoney.jpg


John Mahoney 

John, retired CFO of Staples, has provided generous philanthropic support, valuable financial management guidance and key board leadership for over ten years to MMP. His mentorship and guidance to MMP leadership over the past decade has made a big impact on the growth and management of the organization and helped to shape its path moving forward.



John Pearson.jpg


John Pearson 

John was the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay for nearly 25 years, guiding both BBBSMB and MMP in becoming the organizations they are today. He served as a critical voice in MMP's development as a program leader and board of directors member for many years and helped to ensure the voice of program partners were instrumental in MMP’s vision of success. His deep commitment to mentoring and leadership in the field has made a lasting impact.



Larry Fish.jpg


Larry Fish 

As the former CEO/President of Citizen's Bank, Larry provided MMP valuable philanthropic support and guidance and was instrumental in the creation of the James G. Connolly Tribute Fund for mentoring. His mentorship and partnership with the Connolly family helped to shape this memorial fund and celebrate the life and service of James G. Connolly. Larry’s leadership in the community and his commitment to young people have played a major role in MMP’s story of impact.






Liberty Mutual Insurance 

Liberty Mutual Insurance has been active since the early years of MMP through leadership and guidance in all facets of the organization. They granted millions of dollars for mentoring through the Liberty Mutual Mentoring Initiative, helped create the KELLY Award to support 15 different scholars over the years, and played a key role in board leadership and community partnership to help MMP grow. Through leadership at Liberty Mutual, including that of Melissa MacDonnell, MMP has had a true partner in the work to grow mentoring for all young people in the community.




Linda Alioto-Robinson 

Linda served as the founding Executive Director of Greater Boston One to One, contributing knowledge and resources to the organization’s growth and future development. Her wisdom and deep program commitment helped give birth to Mass Mentoring and its goal of scaling the movement across Massachusetts. Her 12 years of leadership were critical to laying the foundation for MMP's past and present success.




Mass Service Alliance_0.jpg


Massachusetts Service Alliance 

The Massachusetts Service Alliance has given invaluable support to MMP through the creation of the Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassadors of Mentoring program. This has enabled MMP to drive critical capacity-building resources to the field over the last nine years and help over 50 different program partners reach more young people with increased quality. This effort, along with partnering with MMP to advocate for more public support for mentoring and volunteerism, has made MSA a strong partner and mentor for the movement.





Randy Seidl

Randy was recruited early on in MMP’s history to get involved as part of the business community. He has served on the governing board of MMP for over fifteen years and has become a leader in philanthropic support as a longstanding champion and advocate for mentoring. His dedication to MMP as one of the longest serving board members has played an important role in helping the organization become what it is today.







Regina Snowden 

Regina is the founder and Executive Director of Partners for Youth with Disabilities. Having been part of the birth of MMP, she was instrumental in the early growth and development of the organization and is a current member of the Program Leadership Council. Regina’s innovative leadership and deep commitment to inclusion of all young people has been key in growing and improving the mentoring field and helping to make MMP the best organization it can be.







The Rodman Ride for Kids 

Under the inspirational leadership of Don Rodman, the Rodman Ride for Kids has offered support to MMP since 2004, helping to raise millions of dollars in revenue for at-risk youth throughout the state through their one-day charity bike ride, and providing resources to MMP and their program partners. The Rodman Ride team of Don, Tracey and Amy have made a lasting impact on MMP’s efforts and is a true partner in the work.






Senate President Stanley Rosenberg 

State Senate President, Stan Rosenberg, was the creator of the mentoring line item in the state budget and is one of the legislature's most dedicated advocates for mentoring. He has had a long standing commitment to young people and the power that mentoring has to transform young people and provide the support they need to thrive. Sen. Rosenberg has been key in helping to create and sustain public investment in mentoring and is a true leader on behalf of underserved youth across the Commonwealth. 



state street.jpg


State Street 

State Street is one of MMP’s most valued philanthropic and community partners. They have offered long time financial support, critical governing board leadership and valuable community partnership to MMP including serving as the inaugural funder for the first in the nation, nationally-replicated Quality-Based Membership program. Through their support, State Street has left a lasting mark on MMP’s story and its impact in the community.





Representative William "Smitty" Pignatelli 

State Representative "Smitty" Pignatelli is the House champion of the mentoring line item and has been a critical voice for youth in the Berkshires and across the Commonwealth. His leadership to sustain and grow investment in mentoring has been key to MMP’s efforts to close the mentoring gap across the state. Smitty has been a true champion for mentoring as well as a mentor to MMP in this work.




yawkey.jpgYawkey Foundations 

One of MMP's longest and most generous funders, the Yawkey Foundations has been instrumental in MMP's growth and impact for many years. The collaboration with the Foundations has not only been central to the development of the organization but it has allowed MMP to grow its programs and services to better meet the needs of mentoring programs across the state. The Yawkey Foundations are true partners in MMP’s work.