OUR STORIES: State Street Corporation

Supporting Young People Through Workforce Development

Richard Curtis, Vice President, Workforce Development, State Street

At State Street, we’ve been committed to the importance of mentoring for many years. Our work with Mass Mentoring Partnership ((MMP) has helped us to understand the critical role that organizations like us can play in helping young people get ready for opportunities to take their places in the workforce.

In 2016, MMP helped us to develop a summer mentoring program to add additional support for our student interns beyond just their supervisors. We decided to pilot a mentor program with a small group of students the first year and expand the number and intensity of youth adult relationships we were created through the summer internship program. MMP staff conducted training sessions with 25 of our staff volunteer mentors to help prepare them to connect with and support their student mentees. They also trained 30 of our mentees to help them connect with their State Street mentors and learn about developing goals for these relationships to help them reach their own goals. Thanks to MMP’s guidance, in 2017 we’re expanding our internal mentoring program to outreach to match 90 staff mentors with student mentees.

Our work with MMP helped to develop a common language between our mentors and mentees and gave our mentors a new perspective on adolescent development and the role mentors play in that development. They taught us how to better interact with young people to help them thrive not only here at State Street but in their lives at school and beyond. Our plan is to create a mentoring program that can help young people develop skills for life, provide opportunities, challenge young people and also to let them know we believe in them and see and appreciate their strengths. MMP is helping us to develop such a program.

As part of our Boston WINS program, State Street has committed to hiring 1,000 students from the Boston Public Schools for full time employment at State Street once they graduate from college. Our connection with MMP has given us the skills we need to make sure that all of our relationships with young people at State Street are empowering and supportive.